Industrial Marking

Industrial Marking

Appeared with industrialization and the development of exports, industrial marking now finds applications in all areas of daily life, from the professional plates until the marking of shaped pieces, passing through labels for food products or advertising.

Leader dans le marquage et la sérigraphie depuis plus de cinquante ans.

The rigour and the mastery of advanced technologies of Chimicolor him have guaranteed notoriety in scope. Its expertise covers a wide range of needs, ranging from printing to cutting, but also the creation or even burning. Whether it’s for a production unit or, on the contrary, in large quantities, the company provides quality work in all merchant and market sectors.

The use of industrial marking

In the industrial sector, the marking on plastic or metal is commonly used. We find its applications for tachographs and Chronographs, but marking also applies to all industrial plates, as the signage on truck trailers, builders plates on vehicles, etc., as well as on the front panel engraving instructions and pictograms use machines. Different standards, as well as the health legislation, are on each product, must now include all elements necessary for traceability.

Other area of use for industrial marking

Second sector very applicant for marking of logos and signatures: the advertising and communication. Thanks to the marking, it is possible to customize several types of objects in order to promote a brand or a product. The applications of marking in the field of marketing are very varied. The demand for custom advertising pens or keychains remains constant, but other media appear as key USB, the shopping bags, mugs, etc. The marking of logos on metal or plastic still has the wind in its sails! But the engraving personalized gifts is not the only application of advertisers. There is also the design and printing of advertisements on the point of sale (POS), banners, displays of products and all adhesives for associations promoting of sports clubs…

Finally, please note that the luxury sector is very quality marking applicant to highlight its exceptional products. Plate metal silk-screened or customization of caps of spirits, marking on metal or plastic is an indispensable asset for brands that want to differentiate. Customization is not limited to the manufacture of boxes and spirits, since marking is also popular in leather goods, perfumery, and even recreation with the design of adhesive or severe logos.