The creation of technical plates

We carry a wide variety of technical plates, in different formats and different uses. Thus, we manufacture self-adhesive plates, which can easily adapt to various bases, or even engraved plates for a more elaborate finish. Technical plates are often used in a legal context (conformity plates) or nameplates, but we also offer custom plates that will allow each to formalize a message. Our plates are therefore addressed to all kinds of audiences, whether to publish advertisements, reproduce instructions in the industrial sector, or even convey messages of individuals.

Industrial marking

Industrial marking is essential to good products and their quality, so it’s important that this marking is impeccable. We adapt to the needs of our customers by offering to work on a wide range of media, from metal to plastic.

Beyond the need for monitoring, marking allows you to customize, with claws, abbreviations and logos, all types of metal or plastic as badges for example.

We also offer custom objects, products or displays marking. So there are many opportunities and we can adapt according to the projects of our customers.

The production of labels

We produce labels working the most suitable for the requested use materials. Used in the sector of food or safety signage, labels are often carry important information that should be highlighted. We therefore propose a wide variety of media, ranging from metallic (aluminium, copper, brass) plastic from adhesive labels. For the tags requesting a finish more worked, we manufacture labels phases: thanks to their resin, they have an embossed effect that not only can give them a very special aesthetic, but which can also serve as protection, for a stronger label or to protect a fragile item – electronics for example.

Silkscreen printing services

Screen printing is an ancient technique, developed in Asia, built around a particular tool, the stencil. It has known over time of many refinements and developments. With today’s technology, it is now possible to vary print media, allowing the paper, cardboard, textile, metal, glass, or even wood.

We offer, for example, vary ink and media for example, printing ink silver or gold, mirror on a polycarbonate Crystal support.

Chemical and mechanical engraving services

Chemical burning interest to adapt to many media while offering great precision thanks to the speed of the process.

It uses the properties of a liquid on a given material, therefore allowing to burn only a portion of an object made of several materials.

Simple and quick, it is a technique quite suited for burn quality with a series of objects, making it therefore also economical.

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